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Our Survivor Pledge

As a survivor, I am dedicating myself to all those who join this group. Upon becoming part of this group, I become a part of everyone and therefore we are united. Although I know that no two experiences are the same, I will find comfort in the fact that we all share one common ground and I will treat everyone with the upmost respect.

This is a safe place and it is my commitment as a survivor to sustain the importance of confidentiality and never let anything discussed here go beyond this group.

I acknowledge that I cannot change what I have been through or where I came from, but it has made me the person that I am today and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Ultimately I can listen, learn, love, support, and empower others in all aspects of life. I can also allow others to inspire me in my own life.

On this day, I shall promise to the abide by Survivor Pledge, the Terms of Agreement, and all Forum Guidelines. I hereby check the box below to join this community of support.

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